Sunday, April 4, 2010

The little surprise winner is....

Vicki at DottyJaneDesigns ! And what did she win? It's a surprise! Actually, my plan all along was to draw a winner, then read the winner's blog and get to know what they like and then I will make a "little something" meant just for that person. :-) And I already know just what I am going to make for Vicki! I'll share a pic when I finish it and after she receives it!
Hope you are having a lovely weekend! And for all who celebrate Easter........Happy Easter!
Hop Hostess

Monday, March 29, 2010

What a hop!

It appears that a lot of you really enjoyed this little "hop down the bunny trail to visit a bunch of Good Eggs!" Thanks for hopping along and for the nice comments you all left. Some of you were lucky and won a giveaway!!! What a nice way to celebrate the arrival of Spring!
Some one will be the lucky winner here on the "Hoppin' Good Eggs" bloglist and that someone will be announced on Thursday, April 1st. No foolin', it may be April Fool's Day that day but one of you will be a lucky winner of the EggstraSpecial prize that I'll be sharing. Hope you don't mind waiting a couple more days. I have been assisting the Easter Bunny the last few days while the hop was going on and it has kept me very busy. I'll share more about that later. :-)
Have a great day and a wonderful week!
Hop Hostess :-)

Edit! Winner of my surprise drawing here on this blog will be announced on Sunday. I just await a reply to my e-mail notifying her that she has won!

I will post winners here as they are announced.........
A*Corgi*to*Quilt*By winner is Donna at Sugar*Spice*and*Southern*Life

A*Legacy*of*Stitches winner is Gerry at Sewing*Southpaw

A*Little*of*this*and*a*little*Pat winner is Joanna at Needle*Thread*Happiness

Art*by*Gene*Black winner is Terry at Terry's*Life

Cathron*Country*Design winner is Michelle

Cherry*Pie*Blog winner is The*Crafty*Pagan

Debi*Quilts winner is Country*Log*Cabin

Red*Geranium*Cottage winner is Sara

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The time has arrived.......

to "hop down the bunny trail" and visit a whole bunch of "Good Eggs"!! I’ve been planning this little “Good Eggs” giveaway for some time. This is really a celebration of friendship and the sharing of our creative talents. To gather this “basketful of Good Eggs” that you'll be visiting, I sent out an e-mail to some of my blogging friends and asked if they would like to join me in a little “hop”. I have "known" some of these bloggers for almost two years and others have joined the "hop" just in the last couple of weeks, so I am just "getting to know them"! I absolutely love the paths that blogging has led me down and thought it would be fun to host a “hop down the bunny trail” to visit some of the bloggers that have encouraged, inspired, supported or shared tips about how to blog and maneuver in Blogland. We also share about family life, our creative endeavors and the weather. We offer many different projects and topics on our blogs, we are from all around the world and it's just all great fun!
I know that you are anxious to start "hopping down that bunny trail", and you'll find the complete list of participating blogs listed on the right. There are a couple of blogs that will not be posting their giveaway until Thursday so check back later if you visit today and their giveaway is not yet posted. Each blogger will have their own instructions for what to do to enter their giveaway. Take time to read their post and then........go “hoppin’ down the bunny trail” to visit the next blogger. You are going to find lots of spring fun!
Your blog hostess........
Sandi at A*Legacy*of*Stitches

P.S. Leave a comment on this post and you will be entered in a drawing for an "Eggs-tra special little Spring surprise". :-) That's right.....leave your name and your blog or e-mail link and you are in the drawing! No photo of the's a surprise!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

One Week and counting......

My basket is filled with "Good Eggs". Just one week from today and we will be "hoppin' down that bunny trail!"

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Spring is just around the corner! In celebration of warmer weather and all things Spring, I've organized a little blog event with some of my blogging friends. You'll want to stop by on March 24th and check out the list of the great blogs that will be participating. Just check the list and then you can "hop down the Bunny Trail" and visit them! There will be some "eggs-tra special" little gifts offered so be sure and visit all of the blogs! More info coming soon..........