Monday, March 29, 2010

What a hop!

It appears that a lot of you really enjoyed this little "hop down the bunny trail to visit a bunch of Good Eggs!" Thanks for hopping along and for the nice comments you all left. Some of you were lucky and won a giveaway!!! What a nice way to celebrate the arrival of Spring!
Some one will be the lucky winner here on the "Hoppin' Good Eggs" bloglist and that someone will be announced on Thursday, April 1st. No foolin', it may be April Fool's Day that day but one of you will be a lucky winner of the EggstraSpecial prize that I'll be sharing. Hope you don't mind waiting a couple more days. I have been assisting the Easter Bunny the last few days while the hop was going on and it has kept me very busy. I'll share more about that later. :-)
Have a great day and a wonderful week!
Hop Hostess :-)

Edit! Winner of my surprise drawing here on this blog will be announced on Sunday. I just await a reply to my e-mail notifying her that she has won!

I will post winners here as they are announced.........
A*Corgi*to*Quilt*By winner is Donna at Sugar*Spice*and*Southern*Life

A*Legacy*of*Stitches winner is Gerry at Sewing*Southpaw

A*Little*of*this*and*a*little*Pat winner is Joanna at Needle*Thread*Happiness

Art*by*Gene*Black winner is Terry at Terry's*Life

Cathron*Country*Design winner is Michelle

Cherry*Pie*Blog winner is The*Crafty*Pagan

Debi*Quilts winner is Country*Log*Cabin

Red*Geranium*Cottage winner is Sara

1 comment:

  1. Hi There!

    I was just wondering if you had drawn a lucky winner yet. *grin*

    Tks for organizing this incredible hop - I ADORED IT!!!!

    Rosa Robichaud